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Bond to the tech, online games can only grow in the pace set by the contemporary technology behind. Quite imaginable, online games can only stay in halt being text-based if there is no advent of Flash or Java to further pave way for the application of video, audio and whatever is helpful. Without these, the grand virtual world that is live with terrific graphics and rhythmical back music is out of the question.

Online game is of general coverage. In this category, there is the collection of small, low-budget games that are mostly for single players to enjoy short sessions of gameplay and that normally survive for a short period in the market. Meanwhile, there is also the bulk of MMOs of all genres, providing a complex gaming world where players role-play, develop and rely on each other in various relations to survive.

Multiplayer seems like the trend of Online Games. Although console styled gameplay still struggles to keep its niche, the mainstream smiles upon the multiplayer mode. Multiplayer online games indeed provide a more in-depth world and more dynamic gameplay, for the entire virtual world is subject to changes caused by individual actions of all involvers. Accordingly, playable elements such as chat, clan and trade, etc naturally fuse into the storyline.

In fact, multiplayer is welcomed, mainly because it satisfies the need of communication or socialization. To play online games is to seek for fun, and to socialize too; otherwise, why not pick up the handy single-player games? Online games must have offered not only games, but rather a tie to connect with outside world. The popularity of Facebook games is one example, while the large amount of online communities, in which players to discuss tactics, trade items or communicate whatever is related to games, serve as another.

Online game is rich in game types and richer in game genres. Simply put, almost all genres are included, ranging from the strategy, to puzzle solving, to sports simulator, to MMORPG and so on. And good news about it is that a large quantity of them can be played for free.

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